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Mr. Square

Release date:October 2015

The task is simple, you need to paint all the floor! It would be easy for Mr Square, but the floor is so slippery that he always slide till the end of the path.

Defensores do Corpo Humano

Release date:June 2015

Take on the role of an agent with a mission to defend the human body. Have fun while learning about various diseases of the human body in 10 different stages with various challenges.

Candy World Quest

Release date:December 2014

A delicious and incredibly fun social game, unlike anything you've ever seen

Batalha pelo Mercado

Release date:June 2015

Define strategies to conquer the greatest part of brazilian territory with your product. This game won the 7th place on the 3rd Contest of Entrepreneurs Games Development of Sebrae.

Hotel Panic

Release date:January 2014

Hotel Panic is a game of agility. You must look after the safety of hotel guests and arrest as much bandits as you can, but be careful not to arrest any guest by mistake.

Saga do Empreendedor

Release date:August 2014

Develop your product and made yourself a successful entrepreneur, in this funny RPG. This game won the 6th place on the 2nd Contest of Entrepreneurs Games Development of Sebrae.

Hotel Panic

Release date:October 2013

Challenge your memory in a unique and addictive way in this incredible puzzle adventure.

Vendendo seu peixe

Release date:August 2013

Choose the best ship, recrute your crew, sail over the seas, catch the best fishes and dominate the market. This game won the 3rd place on the 1st Contest of Entrepreneurs Games Development of Sebrae.

Who We Are?

We are two adventurers who decided to go against the tide and follow the hard dream of being a game developer.

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Daniel Moreira


Can turn coffee into codes, able to give life to the game!

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Luis Gustavo


Has the gift to create surreal creatures with just a pencil and paper.

A little of our history

Ludic Side is a Brazilian game studio, located in Belo Horizonte. Born in 2013, with two of the three founders of an old studio called Cube Factory.

In a little more than two years, the company won 4 awards in national game development contests, of SEBRAE and the Ministry of Communications (Brazil). In this same period, the company developed four other games to mobile devices.

Despite being composed by only two developers, we are very strict with the quality of our games, which is reflected in the many positive reviews in stores.

In the next few years, we intend to also take our games to other platforms such as Steam, Apple TV, Playstation, XBOX, etc.


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What we do?

In addition to entertain, games are a powerful tool, which can also be used to educate, promote a brand, encourage work, relieve stress, etc.

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Advertising Games

Games with the purpose of promoting a brand, product or service. It is much more effective than most advertising campaigns. Besides promoting a much longer time in contact with the brand, the fun environment of the game helps to be better accepted by the player.

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Educational Games

An effective way to teach! The game immersion capability facilitates the learning process. Students can learn topics that once seemed to be boring or difficult_ in a pleasant way and for a longer time. Also, by committing a mistake in the game, the student does not feel penalized because he can try again as many times as he wants, so the error ends up becoming an ally in the learning process.

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Our Games

As gamers, we're very strict with our games, we don't publish them until it turn into something we would love to play. We're constantly learning and always seeking inspiration in the big producers to ensure that only high quality games are delivered to our players.

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Rua Ignácio Alves Martins, 213 - Sala 205 - Bairro Buritis

Belo Horizonte/MG - Brasil

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